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Information Technology Program Area Software Links 


Links and materials found in this site are meant to support the classroom software needs for our students and faculty in only the INFO and ELEC program areas. Although each company has their own EULA (End User License Agreement) it is important everyone knows that each software is only offered to students and faculty for academic purposes. In some cases like, VMware, software is offered for a period of one year and must be re-authorized after that time. The MSDNAA license does not expire even after you have left school but you will no longer be able to download the software again, get key codes or updates if you are not currently enrolled in a INFO or ELEC course.

Software is offered "as is" with minimal support via e-mail. For all assistance you should contact: Include your MCC username, current class list and specific issues that need to be addressed. In some cases you may not get a response for 36 hours if the message is received over the weekend or during breaks.

It is also important to note that this software is offered as a courtesy to our students and problems and/or issues that arise while trying to retrieve or install it do not effect your assignment due dates. You may use the software available at the College ARC while you are trying to resolve any issues that you have. 




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Click on this link and then select login using MCCNET\Username (using your username for ANGEL and MyWay and the same password.)
This software is available to all students and staff at MCC and is managed by the IT Department. Problems should be sent to the MCC Help Desk using either or calling 402-457-2900.
Available to the INFO and ELEC departments, this software requires a separate account. Requests should be e-mailed to Please include your college username AND what class you are in. For support email
Use this link to understand how the files you download from MSDNAA are stored and methods you can employ to use them.
This site is for faculty and students in the INFO program area to access the CISCO VPN client required for some classes. Additional security settings and instructions are required beyond just the software. Contact your instructor for more information.

Use mccnet\username syntax to access this software.
This is the primary password support for your Metro account. This username and password is used for access to the MSDNAA system BUT NOT the Vmware system. (See that link for support)